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If you would like to submit your photo for consideration for inclusion on this site, please send your image, along with a description (brief story or background behind the image) to us using the form below.

By sending us an image, it assumed that you have accepted and agree to abide by the following conditions:

  1. You must be the photographer, owner and copyright holder of any image you send.
  2. Ultimate copyright to the image remains with you but you give Cambridge Daily Photo (hereinafter referred to as ‘CDP’) consent to use the image on the CDP web site and/or be used to promote CDP.
  3. You will be credited with the use of your image by a line at the bottom of the image description in the form of Photograph by …
  4. CDP reserves the right not to use your photo. Sending a photo to CDP does not guarantee publication on the CDP web site.
  5. CDP may wish to retain your image for use at a later date. This may happen if the image would normally be considered for publication but another image of greater relevance to the day in question is available.
  6. CDP reserves the right to re-size, crop and/or edit your image as necessary to ensure that it fits the web page and meets the quality standards set by this site. CDP will not form a derivative work of your image and any image used will still be recognisably yours.
  7. CDP reserves the right to amend or re-write any descriptive text sent with your image. Images sent without any descriptive text may not be considered. See the normal CDP pages to see examples of the type of descriptive text we normally use.
  8. All images submitted must be in JPG format, be less than 2 Mb, and preferably sized to a maximum of 900×600 pixels.

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